Panda la ski

Panda la ski You control Panda Master by taking every jumps to avoid to fall down. You must beat your best score and maybe get a good position amongst the top players list. Have fun to slide on the ski slope with Panda Master. Trimite acest joc...
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Hip Tea Challenge

Hip Tea Challenge A game to test your skill and nerves. Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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Sucka Swing

Sucka Swing Sucka Swing is a game of skill requiring you to swing as far as possible without hitting the ground. Click and hold your mouse over a building to attach your sucka to it. Release your mouse at the top of your swing to propel forwards. Attaching your sucka to special panels earns you money which can be spent...
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Mouse In The Labyrinth

Mouse In The Labyrinth This is a simple maze or labyrinth game. Try to find the way to the portal. 10 Levels. Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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Chess Classic chess game with side choose ,move undo and history preview option Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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60 Second Word Search

60 Second Word Search A fun timed word search game where you gain points and bonus time for finding different words. Longer words gain more points. Brought to you by Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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Retro Sez

Retro Sez This classic electronic memory game is a favorite around the world! To play,watch and listen to the sequence, then repeat it with the mouse in an attempt to beat the high score. Is your mind sharp enough to beat the high score? Ai ajuns aici cautand jocuri pe net:jocuri cu sezTrimite acest joc...
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Bounce to Heaven

Bounce to Heaven Cute little Angel bounces and jumps on the stars to reach the heaven! Pick up the right color when you jump on a star. Beat up your personal score and maybe have a chance to touch the moon. Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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Jennifer Rose: Car Service

Jennifer Rose: Car Service This time Jenny Rose goes to the Car Service Station and works as a manager. Your task is to serve visitors with their cars. Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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Xpletter Type the correct letters to earn score and change game speed in this fast paced typing game. After each round, you are able to choose between increasing your number of shots or increasing your reload speed. Trimite acest joc...
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