Jewel Match

Jewel Match Match the Jewel triplets to fuse them and score. Ai ajuns aici cautand jocuri pe net:jocuri tree matchjocuri jewelsjocuri gratis online jewel matchTrimite acest joc prietenilor!
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smiley popper

smiley popper CLICK 2 OR MORE NEIGHBORING smiley that have the same color to pop them dont bother his cute attribute, just see their color Have fun !!! Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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Magic Adventure

Magic Adventure Help the Prince to defeat the Dark Wizard. Explore different locations and collect gems. Buy magic items to complete your mission. Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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Fairy Pearls

Fairy Pearls Discover the mystery of fairy pearls in this Match 3 game. You have to collect all pearls before they reach the end point. When the pearls reach it, you will lose a life. For every 10,000 points you will earn an extra life. Trimite acest joc...
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Glamorous Gems

Glamorous Gems Swap colorful adjacent gems and create a match of 3 in this fun puzzle game. Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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Find That Animal

Find That Animal Swap adjacent tiles with your mouse to make matches of three or more . To complete the level, matches of tree or more tiles that equated with an animal that is on the picture before times is runs out Trimite acest joc...
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Gembinder Take the role of a Gembinder, imbuing items with incredible power through the use of magical gems. Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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Flash Five

Flash Five The goal of Flash Five is to create as many (and best) poker hands as possible within the level time frame. Each level is 60 seconds. Creating a poker hand that matches the level goal(s) will allow you to proceed to the next level when time runs out. Combo points are awarded for matching goals in a row. Each...
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Puzzle Prince

Do you have what it takes to battle against zombies, monsters and other bad guys in this amazing looking puzzle battler? Taking on the game mechanics of Collapse and combining it with the versus battling of Puzzle Quest, you are set on a journey to save the kingdom with the aid of destroying magical groups...
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Jelly Pop

Swap the jelly to make it pop anywhere on the line, either horizontally or vertically. Try to create groups of 3 or more. There are four, fun games modes. Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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