House decoration

House decoration Decoration House Trimite acest joc prietenilor!
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Glam Diva Daisy

Glam Diva Daisy Daisy is one of the gorgeous and cute looking girls in the town. She is more interested in modeling and fashion. She always keeps her updated with new styles and trends that are going around this fashion world. This time she has decided to compete in Glam Diva 2011 contest that is happening in her town. Now...
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Valentine’s Day Couple

Valentine’s Day Couple For this Valentines Day Katrina has decided to take her valentine to a very calm and romantic place and landed in this lovely hill view valley. The only way of transportation to top of the hill is through trains. As they know that the next train will take another couple of hours, they have decided to take a...
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Bicyclist Girl

Bicyclist Girl Kristen is on her way to meet her friends in their favorite hangout place. As she being more Eco friendly, she loves to ride her bicycle to commute. This bicycle rider is so cute and being more stylish attracts everyone in the crowd. On this day she is late to meet her friends and so confused to choose her...
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The Beautiful Live Stage Singer Dress Up

The Beautiful Live Stage Singer Dress Up Getting up on stage to perform in front of many people is no easy task, knowing that you look good is a big help. This lady is very self concious so looking good will help her a lot during her performance. As the stylist for the show its your job to come up with a great looking outfit that the singer will...
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Strangely Beautiful Witch Dress Up

Strangely Beautiful Witch Dress Up Could this witch have you under a spell? She looks beautiful when witches are usually very ugly and green! Although you may be under her spell you should make the effort to make her outfit looks as good as possible or she could turn you into a toad! Take your time to get the outfit right as you never know...
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Suzy The Receptionist

Suzy The Receptionist Suzy the receptionist is the person everyone sees first when they enter this office. Suzy needs to look presentable and coordinated as she is representing the company. The company president has asked you (the stylist) to help revamp Suzys look so that she looks more like a front office executive. Take your...
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TheAfican Fashion Scene

TheAfican Fashion Scene The African fashion scene is a very unique style that most ladies will enjoy to indulge in. This girl is about to be a model in a fashion show. Photos from this show will be shown in all the major fashion magazines. This show is promoting all the latest fashions from around the world so choosing the right...
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Machiaza vedetele – Celebrity Makeover 6

Machiaza vedetele – Celebrity Makeover 6 Selena Gomez the young celebrity is in need of a last minute makeover before she hits the red carpet. Use all the different options to make Miss Gomez look absolutely stunning. Her regular stylist has not turned up for today’s events. Prove to Miss Gomez that you are just as good as the professionals....
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Tyra the VJ

Tyra the VJ Tyra is a VJ on a popular TV show called The Music Show. She needs to look her best while rocking out the latest music. As the shows stylist you need to help her look as good as possible for the cameras and live audience. Mix and match all the different items until you come up with something that looks...
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